Monday, February 8, 2016

Pink Taxi || French Duchess Pink Satin Fatale Dress

February, the month of love!  What better way to celebrate than with pink dreaming, and today it's the head-turning Fatale Dress, made of luxurious french duchess pink satin by The Pretty Dress Company.  I added some 1950's poodle fluff curls and like a pinup should, I'm matching today's automobile... The Langham's British import vintage pink taxi!  The Langham luxury hotel group dates all the way back to 1865, opening as Europe's first 'Grand Hotel.'  With the glamour of the city as it's backdrop, iconic Langham sits right on the water's edge overlooking some of Chicago's oldest historic structures.  One of my favorite's, the stunning Jeweler's Building, can be seen in the background below.  It once housed endless floors of diamonds upon diamonds!

If you haven't picked up one of the 39 variations of the Fatale Dress you are truly missing out.  Every glamour girl needs one. (or two, or three...!)  Stay tuned for more romance and feminine shades are we count down to Valentine's Day. . .

Avec Amour
Rachel xx

Outfit Details:

The Pretty Dress Company Fatale Satin Pencil Dress
Unique Vintage Crystal Earrings
Peachy Pink Suede Heels - Similar
Hair flowers - Similar

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Deco Dreams || 1930's Unique Vintage at The Bedford

Chicago, it never stops amazing me.  Aside from Italy, I've never lived in a city with so much passion to preserve it's history.  From prohibition, Al Capone and jazz, to Chaplin's beginnings, to the opulent years of world-renowned architectures rebuilding Chicago after the great fire, it seems everyone in this city has a story of our past.  With modernity's inclination to tear down ornate places of history, I'm grateful for so many creative renovation projects that allow us to dream of such golden days.

This is precisely what drew me to visit The Bedford.  Talk about a creative renovation?!  They brilliantly turned an underground 1920's bank into a glamorous, sexy restaurant and lounge - keeping so many of the original elements intact throughout the space.  Stunning steel doors stand prominently at the entrance to the dim lit Vault, still housing a backdrop of all original copper safety deposit boxes.  Here guests can sip signature cocktails and enjoy small bites, or experience a full dinner in the parlor.  There are so many cozy areas to socialize throughout, it really does feel like a modern take on the roaring 20's or decadent 30's ... you'll never want to head back above ground!

For such a special experience, I knew this reclaimed bank would serve as the perfect backdrop for my Unique Vintage 1930's Bias Cut Satin Deco Gown. Authentic details of curve-clinging satin, a statuesque A-line skirt and draping train, subtle scoop neckline, and sparkling deco brooch feel as if I truly stepped back into the glamorous days of Myrna, Jean and Constance.  You may not know it, but Unique Vintage has an enormous selection of 20's and 30's era pieces - something I haven't seen much elsewhere with vintage reproduction!  Not only this, but they are made with such high quality care and perfectly designed vintage details.  I'm completely obsessed with the accessories I paired with my gown - deco shells, faux fur, crystals, and rhinestone fringe...

Cin Cin!
Rachel x♥x

Outfit Details:

Unique Vintage Satin Deco Gown
Unique Vintage Faux Fur Cape
Bettie Page Gold & Lucite Heels

Monday, February 1, 2016

Season Transition || MikaRose Navy Floral Dress

For Spring transition, and actually perfect for a Fall transition as well, the Ellen Dress by MikaRose is a brilliant choice.  It is a new everyday essential in my wardrobe.  I have such a love for longer sleeves on dresses, and Ellen is extra classy and chic.  In fact MikaRose is a brand built around class, which stemmed from the lack of stylish modesty in today's market.  As a girl whose inspiration is based heavily on the 1940's and 1950's, I will never argue with a longer hemline or an elegant silhouette!

In true pinup form, I added cherry red accessories and was ready for this particularly warmer winter we're having...

A Dopo!
 Rachel x♥x

Outfit Details:

Unique Vintage Satin T-strap Heels
Unique Vintage Bow Gloves
Bow Belt - Similar