Friday, July 31, 2015

Corset Friday || Answering Recent Questions

{Orchard Corset Satin CS-201 Waspie}

I've receive a lot of questions lately, so I'm happy to present some answers to your recent inquiries!

How do you know if you're lacing too tight?

I always say, my #1 rule is to listen to your body.  It is much better to take things slowly than to try to force your body to respond more quickly.  This will only ultimately lead to the necessity to move even slower.  It's also a trial and error, and sometimes an hour to hour sense of gauging.  I won't deny that wearing corsets requires some amount of patience, but there is also some lenience in the sense that there are no formal "rules."  In one day I sometimes wear 2 different corsets and loosen/tighten each  a couple times.  You'll know you're tying to tight if you have any pain at all, or if you have a high amount of discomfort.  Actually, there should be very little discomfort except for just simple a lack in mobility.  You should feel pressure of it's squeeze, but honestly I don't allow for too much discomfort.  So, listen to your body and adjust your laces accordingly.

What is your diet?  Do you simply waist train or do you eat specific foods and avoid others?

I'm excited to talk you about this a little bit, because I've undergone a bit of a "nutritional enlightenment" throughout the past 5-6 years.  After living in Italy for 2 years, I realized that the American way of life is generally incredibly unhealthy.  When you live in Italy (not just visit and eat out at the restaurants) you come to realize just how valuable fresh ingredients are.  We spent countless meals inside the homes of Italian families, from Rome to the small outskirts of Rome, to the Castelli Romani, to the heart of Tuscany and beyond.  Before moving to the city center, we lived in a small town among rolling vineyards and olive trees.  Growing ingredients and cultivating grapes/olives were as common as having rose bushes on our own suburban lawns in the US.  

To make a very long story short, my husband and I could not go back to our previous way of living once we returned to the US.  Now we are probably 80-90% package-free, as I believe that almost any  (yes, including 'organic') packaged and mass produced product contains far less nutrients than made from scratch or from the ground.  I'm proud to say that we truly live this way, and we've never felt more energy.  We also rarely are sick, even with colds.  Also, I've been able to maintain a healthy weight with only city life as my gym.  We have a monthly meat CSA straight from a safe, local, humane farm that goes into a large portion of our eating.  We either do vegetable and fruit CSA's or shop at our local farmer's markets for all of our vegetables and fruit.  Any food that isn't meat and produce we make from scratch - Naples style pizza dough, pizza sauce, hummus, pitas, pastas, etc.  We relax on all these guidelines when eating out, but we do try to choose restaurants that use local ingredients and often avoid large chains.  Everything with balance, however, and of course we splurge once in a while!

So, what does diet have to do with corsets?

I believe you should maintain a healthy diet before introducing any sort of abnormal practice to the body.  You need to make sure you are getting all the nutrients you need for your inner workings to function properly.  As I've said before, corsets won't necessarily make you lose weight, but they can alter your waist shape as paired with healthy eating and living.  Another important dietary need is plenty of water, as I've heard that corsets can slow down body hydration.  This is especially important when I'm out at an event and sipping on cocktails.  I try to consume as much water as I can and sip my drinks slowly!

Thanks for all your questions and I hope this helps with some recent curiosities.  See you all on Monday with a new outfit post as usual!


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Pinup Swimwear Series || Pt. 2: Classic Doll


Polka Dots are one of the most classic prints of all... even men used to wear dots on their neckties and ascots like Cary Grant for example, in 1955 To Catch A Thief.  In fact, they were originally used on clothing of flamenco dancers and performers in the 1800s.  This is why I find my Red Dolly dotted swimsuit to be so timeless, and perfect for my classic doll look of this series!   It's nearly impossible to walk around Chicago without seeing a piece of history, and the 1920's landmark Drake Hotel stands prominently in our Oak Street Beach background.  As you saw in my first Red Dolly feature, they carry pinup perfect one-piece suits as well as two, and all prints & patterns have a strong simplistic vintage feeling that I love.   I've highlighted the glamour pinup & classic pinup... next of my swimwear series will be coming up soon!

IMG_3776 copy
IMG_3645 copy
IMG_3793 copy
IMG_3722 copy copy
IMG_3648 copy copy
IMG_3598 copy
Swimsuit :: Red Dolly Swimwear
Parasol :: HLW

Monday, July 27, 2015

1950's White Eyelet || UV Vintage Originals Shop

IMG_3392 copy

While I love the quality of many real vintage items, the battle of thrifting and searching can require a lot of patience.  Not only this, but finding items in good shape are very important for garments as you don't want to look like you just stepped out of a thrift store. (or smell like it!)  Taking the time to mend and clean your new pieces without destroying them can be a challenge.  Well, I couldn't be more excited to share that Unique Vintage recently launched a selection of original pieces in their new true vintage shop!  It was clear to see that UV only selects pieces that are either in pristine condition or only slightly worn, as I discovered upon receiving my gorgeous vintage 1950's eyelet day dress.  I was also overjoyed to find that it fit me like a glove, without any alterations.  I think this is largely due to the fact that vintage styles were consistently made with the hourglass in mind, as ladies always wore their corsets or shape wear.  I added my own vintage nylon scarf with a pearl brooch & white crinoline for volume, and loved how the authentic 50's look seemed complete.  As the eyelet is slightly see-through, my nude corset + brassiere kept everything looking sleek.  I'm also excited to try different vintage lingerie such as standout black bullet bra, corset and knickers for a more creative look!

Do yourself a favor and head over to Unique Vintage's new real vintage shop and just look at the beauty there... but I'll be jealous if you snag some of my favorites!

IMG_3428 copy
IMG_3381 copy
IMG_3524 copy
IMG_3586y copy
IMG_3547 copy copy
IMG_3505 copy
Dress :: Authentic Vintage from Unique Vintage
Bag :: Old but love this, & dreaming of this 
Scarf :: Vintage
Shoes :: Similar
Sunglasses :: Dolce & Gabbana