Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Bouffant & Fringed Knickers || Simply Stylist Event


Shops are starting to get their Fall pieces in and I can feel my excitement growing as my favorite season approaches!  In the meantime, my goal is to milk my very top favorite summer pieces for all their worth.  These fringed knicker shorts are in that category - one of my all time favorites, and Simply Stylist was the perfect event to showcase them once more while it's still warm outside.  I love how daring and bold they are, yet with such a classic vintage showgirl undertone.  I wanted to tone down the top since my lower half was to be so "sassy" so I mixed in some ladylike elements.  This upswept hair bouffant was actually the result of a very humid day, knowing that my curls wouldn't hold, and it only took me about 5 minutes!

Now about the event... what an incredibly inspiring panel of speakers and such an exciting lineup of activities at the stylish Dana Hotel & Spa (what a view!).  I especially enjoyed hearing Wendy of Wendy's Lookbook speak.  I've always loved her extra glamorous touch to her outfits, and her story of humble beginnings is so inspiring.  She was nearly homeless for a while as she went from foster home to foster home, carrying all of her belongings in a trash bag.  She worked 3 jobs to be able to pay her own way through her education.  I really respect people who are "self-made" and fought through real life challenges to follow their passions.

From a stunning vip brunch, to a panel of inspiring speakers, to shopping and break-out sessions... the entire day was just a blast.  I loved catching up with my Chicago glamour ladies: Janet of Fashionaholic, Jennifer of Red Soles and Red Wine, and Monika of Chicago in Stilettos as you'll see in the photos... we had a blast!


And a couple extra from the official Simply Stylist Photographer:


And now, outfit details: 

Shoes :: Sole Society
Tights :: Similar
Bag :: c/o Designs By Tuesdai
Knickers :: Wheels & Dollbaby
Top :: Similar

Monday, July 28, 2014

Harbor Mornings || Dita Cardigan & 50's hair


Going back to the San Juan Islands today!  On this particular day, we soaked in the morning on the peaceful harbor we were staying and then we had breakfast on flower-strewn Roche Harbor.  I absolutely loved how empty and quiet our cabin-front setting was on Friday Habor and I wouldn't have wanted to stay anywhere else.  It was like being immersed in nature, but in a safe and clean cabin with plenty of amenities! (important, since we are all fond of showers and not fond of bugs)  Then Roche was amazing to visit with it's quaint shops, delicious restaurants, and flower gardens.  For a cool morning on the island, my Dita cardigan was perfect.


And an extra from Instagram...

Cardigan :: Wheels & Dollbaby
 Shoes :: Similar here & here

Friday, July 25, 2014

FAQ || Fair Skin Makeup Favorites

Life has a funny way of taking a long slow process in finding yourself... in figuring out who you are and embracing it wholly.  I used to want to be very tan and I spent much of my teen years in tanning beds, in the sun, and eventually doing spray tans.  Finally I began to embrace my pale skin, and now I actually love it.  We know dark skin is beautiful, but I find porcelain skin to be just so beautiful as well, and I think too many people live their life trying to follow what everyone else says is the standard for beauty.  I don't ever want to start to think a certain way just because the media or fashion feeds it to me, and I'm not sure why anyone would.  Once I fully began to embrace my pale skin I realized I knew nothing about getting that even, smooth, porcelain look just right.  Too many beauty tutorials, magazines, fashion shows, and videos are teaching us the SAME thing (how to get a natural makeup look and a bronzed glow...) but it's hard to find a matte porcelain look! 

Even though these aren't official FAQs, I have been receiving quite a few questions about which products I love for fair skin.  After about a year of research and trying different things, although it's still a process and I'm always looking to evolve my look, I've established some favorite products that I'm loving!  Here they are:

Mac Prep & Prime Beauty Balm $30 in "Extra Light" (I use this on my body!) 
I have sensitive skin on my legs and sometimes get razor burns.  I often wear seamed stocking which I love, but in the summertime I like to sometimes bare my legs.  I began searching for a product that would smooth and even the pale tone on my body, not just my face.  I tried Airbrush Legs by Sally Hansen and absolutely loved how well it worked - it stayed on all day and didn't rub off....  BUT, even the lightest shade was way too tan.  After a few recommendations, one suggestion from my friend who works at MAC was just the product I was looking for!  This beauty balm in "extra light" looks perfect smoothed over my body.  It is matte, porcelain, and smooth yet with good coverage.  Of course it should come as no surprise that I love it has SPF 35 as well! 

Almost all of my brushes are MAC.  I love how soft they are, and I use this one for both my face and body.

I spent all summer last year searching for my perfect foundation, and this was the one.  I literally tried Chanel, YSL, Lancome, Makeup Forever, and more but when I tried the Diorskin - it was just what I was looking for with Armani Designer Shaping Cream Foundation coming in a close second (yet slightly more pricey).  Diorskin smooths on lightly like silk but maintains a beautiful even coverage.  The "ivory" color is a gorgeous shade, the end result almost a vibrant matte finish, and it has SPF 25.

I don't ever leave the house without this product!  It was one of my biggest beauty discoveries and I could never live without it.  After I finish all my makeup, dusting this on creates the smoothest matted velvet-like veil.  It takes away all shine on my face and I can even feel it lingering and lasting for hours.  It makes my skin feel soft and takes away any oiliness.  Since I have oily skin, this is a key essential for me to keep the porcelain matte look that I crave.  I LOVE IT!

I feel that both of these products work about the same, and I love them both.  In being a 'matte freak' I never thought that I would want any sort of luminating highlighter, but I was pleasantly surprised.  The trick is to place it in just the right spot, and to follow with my loose powder - result is beautiful.  I smooth this just under my eyes and on my cheekbones and it just lifts and brightens my face, as well as reducing dark circles or spots.  The radiant rose color also maintains that porcelain finish that I seek.

This concealer goes on smoother and more evenly than any other concealer I've tried.  It's long lasting and has the perfect finish.

Revlon Photoready Concealer $6.99 in "light" for spot checking
I love this thicker and more heavy concealer for spot checking on blemishes, for contouring, and for a base under my eyeshadows.  It's also perfect for sweeping on throughout the day to correct any blemishes that may have gone unnoticed before leaving the house.  Also at $6.99, it's really a great deal and it actually lasts a long time!

On days that I'm going to be home most of the day, I like to have an alternative to my more pricey Dior foundation so it will last longer.  On days like this, I like to take my dog for walks so SPF is still very important.  Also if I'm going to be wearing makeup on relaxed days like this, a CC or BB cream is a brilliant choice since it claims to actually work as a positive moisturizing serum for the skin.  Supergoop has lighter coverage but is even and long-lasting.  It's perfect for those days you just want a bit of sunscreen and skin tone evener for running some errands.  Clinique has moisture and actually feels healthy for the skin, and still not producing unwanted shine.  It is a little thicker in texture which some might not like, but I don't mind.  Another reason I love this product is the color!  I feel too often BB & CC creams assume we want to be bronzed and have a tint, but I was shocked at how pale the Clinique CC cream shades are produced in!  I've found the result to be well-coverage and a pretty porcelain alternative to my foundation favorites.

I'll see you all on Monday with a new outfit post, have a great weekend!