Monday, March 30, 2015

Morning Light || Floral, Mules, & French Bows


The Elaine Dress by Heart of Haute is so unique, and the perfect mix of classic and creative.  I love it's modest necklince balanced against a pleated skirt, and it's cotton fabric and higher hemline is perfect for the warmer seasons.  I paired it with the most perfect mule sandal from Flirty Lingerie... these heels are are my new favorite!  They have such a gorgeous shape, with fetish-inspired heights, and yet a classic design.  Flirty Lingerie has the best selection of shoes... I'm always swooning and pining over their perfect pinup styles!

Lastly today I absolutely have to talk about these amazing Vintage French Barrettes from Mane Message that are all originals from 1960's France.  They are all New Old Stock (meaning they have never been worn) and range from bright animal shapes, to metal starburts, pastel pretties, and more... they are all so perfect for the pinup lover!  I fell in love with the intricate rare feminine pastel bows, which I'm wearing with today's outfit.  I swooped up another gorgeous piece which I'll also be styling and sharing with you all soon,  With a price range of only $6-$10, be sure to grab these up before they're sold out!


Friday, March 27, 2015

Corset Friday || OC Mesh Waspie (CS-201)

Today is the first day of my Corset Fridays!  I'm going to be highlighting my own corset-wearing journey and sharing details of my personal goals, thoughts, and favorite corsets.  I want to first state that I am not a doctor of physiologist, and I have only been wearing corsets for about a year and a half.  For corset health, detailed information about corsets and waist training, and expert knowledge, visit Lucy's Corsetry which is my main reference and where I learned most of what I know.  My Corset Fridays will just be about my own personal thoughts and experience - as I get so many questions from readers who are curious about my hourglass shape and how I achieve it.  For this reason as well, I'll be highlighting various corsets!  

For a little background, I've been wearing corsets around a year and a half.  I don't think I can even call myself a waist-trainer because I'm not completely consistent.  I wear corsets for about 4-6 hours a day and sometimes up to 9 hours depending on whether I'm out that long, and between 4-5 days a week.  Most of my clothes are altered to fit my corsets, because the authentic vintage cinched waist is pretty much the only way I like wearing clothes.  While my goals have never officially been to lose any inches in my waist when not wearing my corsets, I definitely wouldn't be upset if I did have more a of a defined hourglass shape without my corsets.  I've heard mixed opinions on whether this is actually possibly, but I can honestly tell you that I have!  I lost between 1/2 - 1 inch and my waist visibly has a more defined hourglass shape - even though I'm not an extreme tightlacer!  However, what I know from research about this change in my shape is that my ribs will move back very quickly to their original shape if I stop wearing corsets.  So it's more of a temporary change - so long as I continue to wear corsets.

I will definitely show you all my waist without a corset so you can see the hourglass shape that is forming, and much more in the coming Friday posts!  Today I want to share with you one of my absolute favorite new corsets, the Orchard Corset CS-201 Mesh Waspie.  This corset is breathable for the upcoming summer season, as it's transparent with mesh holes.  It has quite a bit of stretch in it so it forms to your body nicely.  I've noticed some discomfort in some corsets on my hips, but this corset fits and feels like a dream.  It actually gives a more extreme curve, but with more comfort.... Let's just say, this corset has been on repeat for me!  Due to it's stretch, it's recommended to size down in this particular corset.  So while I normally wear size 20, I wear a size 18 in this style.  The only hard part is actually showing off this curve when wearing clothes unless you wear a tight belt or your garments are altered to this extreme shape.  In the picture above, I'm wearing this corset under my dress with a belt cinched to show off the extreme shape! (I have to puncture a hole in my own belts since the smallest sizes are never small enough for my waist!)  Then I have pictures of the actual corset, in the beige skin-color tone.  

Definitely let me know if you do have specific questions here, or on my Instagram and I will try to answer some of them with my new series!

Waspie :: Orchard Corset
Lingerie Set :: Von Follies
Dress :: Stop Staring
Fishnets :: Silkies
Shoes :: Unique Vintage

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spanish Capsule || Pinup Girl Clothing Corset Skirt + Bustier Top


I used to live in an Italian villa outside of Rome, with rows and rows of vineyards as the view outside my bedroom window.  I immediately pictured myself back there again, wearing an outfit like today's by the Pinup Girl Clothing Spanish Capsule Collection.  The Pinup Couture Corset Skirt also reminds me of the skirt worn by Ginger Rogers in "5th Avenue Girl" with it's pockets and cinched waist... this skirt is so unique and fits like a dream!  I paired it with the ever popular Bustier Top, which is lined, fused and boned for maximum support.. plus there are adjustable buttons to fit different sizes.  The quality is impeccable in these garments, and I'm ever impressed by the gorgeous garments of Pinup Girl Clothing.  We took these photos partly at Northwestern University, which is a historical landmark dating all the way back to an establishment date of 1851!

Bustier Top :: Pinup Girl Clothing
Corset Skirt :: Pinup Girl Clothing
Shoes :: Unique Vintage
Earrings :: Unique Vintage
Necklace :: Oasap