Monday, April 7, 2014

Moving Week || Vegas Wrap Up


Well I'm surrounded by boxes and chaos at the moment, as moving day is just about here!  I'll be taking the week off from regular outfit posts, but I wanted to leave you with a few random photos and instagrams to wrap up my trip to Vegas last month.  I will see you all next week!

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring || 1950's-Inspired Florals & White Lace

I've been on the hunt for feminine pieces for Spring, and I gasped when I came across Lady Vintage.  They have the most perfect Vintage Reproduction Dresses, inspired by the 40's and 50's. Their new collection is to die for, and I fell in love with this gorgeous Mushroom Floral Swing Dress... the right amount of femininity, elegance, and vibrance.  No 50's dress is complete without a petticoat, so I'm wearing the Ivory Petticoat underneath.  With a little flirty femme fatale touch, I added these gloves from Flirty Lingerie and I know I will be wearing them all summer long.  A little lace sometimes adds just the right accessory to the look!
Dress :: c/o Lady Vintage
Lace gloves :: c/o Flirty Lingerie
Shoes, Bag, & Earrings :: c/o Lulu's

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Monday, March 31, 2014

Creative Shoot || Corsets & Vintage-inspired Boudoir


Hi everyone!  My posts are usually short and sweet, but today I have a lot to share with you so it's going to be a wordy one...  Corset training (also called waist training or tight lacing) is something I've been increasingly interested in, however everywhere I normally purchase my corsets typically weren't ideal for the actual training.  So many shops have beautiful corsets and waspies that I still buy and wear, but I'm simply learning that different corsets are for different purposes.  There is still so much to learn, but it's so exciting beginning to discover the art behind corset-wearing.  This level of interest and my researching lead me eventually to Orchard Corset, where I discovered a world of quality corsets at affordable prices.  I can't even begin to say just how amazing Orchard is.  Read on to find out why.

When selecting my corset, I had no idea that there are actually silhouette levels based on your measurements for determining which type you need to buy.  Orchard Corset actually took the time to explain this to me and helped to guide me in the process of selecting which one was right for me!  More helpful sizing tips are found here.  Since I am just barely beginning to corset train, it's not a surprise that the ratio for my measurements require me to start out at level 1 and this 426 corset I was considering was definitely out of the question.  I was informed by Orchard that this beautiful pinstripe corset (CS-411) would work for me, so this is the one I went with!  When I received it, I gasped at the beauty.  It weighs 2.10 pounds with real steel-boning... the real deal - a true waist cincher like I've never really witnessed.  So now, just a little bit of what I've learned about corset training and where to go from here.  Like I said, I am still learning and absolutely not an expert in any way.  These are just some points that I recently learned, and most information I actually obtained from the Orchard Corset blog!  Be sure to check there for a limitless world of valuable corsetry knowledge... but for now, here are just a few things I've learned:

* Corset training is not dangerous!  It's a myth.  As the Orchard Corset blog says, our "floating ribs" move and organs shift much like during the natural process of pregnancy but actually a lot less extreme than pregnancy.
* Posture is improved by wearing corsets, and a small dose of core strength exercises won't hurt anything.  However it is another myth to think that you will become a limp noodle as the result of corset training.
* Breaking in your corset is utterly essential, and Orchard Corset provides detailed instructions on this as well as wearing, storing, washing, and lacing.
* We all want the hourglass figure.  Enjoy, because your waist will look amazing! :)

To begin my waist training, I've begun breaking the corset in for the past few days.  While everyday won't look like the outfit in today's post, I had a little fun styling creative photoshoot to display it for you all.  In completing the look, I added some of my favorite vintage-inspired pieces from Flirty Lingerie.... this gorgeous chemise with it's femme fatale deep red, and these classic seamed stockings.     Be sure to follow Flirty Lingerie on Google + and Facebook as well.

IMGy_6901 IMG_6849 IMG_6946_2
Corset :: c/o Orchard Corset
Shoes :: c/o Charlotte Russe
Earrings :: c/o House of Gemmes
Skirt :: H&M old {Similar}
Stockings :: c/o Flirty Lingerie
Chemise Slip :: c/o Flirty Lingerie