Friday, April 17, 2015

Corset Friday || Morua Custom Overbust Corset

Today's corset is a custom overbust by Morua Designs!  I previously reviewed this beauty in this post and included additional information about her amazing work/shop here.  One question I've been hearing again and again is whether or not I wear a tank top under my corsets to protect my skin/the corset.  I do so every time I'm waist training at home, but most dresses I wear have necklines that don't allow for the camisole to be hidden so I usually don't wear a layer under my corset when leaving the house.  I haven't found very much discomfort in doing so, and the corset lines personally do not bother me when I take off my corset in the evening.  However I do spend quite a bit of time waist training at home, so I'm not wearing corsets directly on my skin every single day.  

Another question I receive quite often, is whether I'm forced to breath differently when wearing a corset.  When I first started wearing corsets, I remember feeling quite a change in every way and I wasn't sure how I would get used to it.  After a over a year of wearing corsets, it feels like second nature and I don't notice any difference in my breathing at all.  Lung capacity is in fact reduced when wearing corsets, so it is advised that you do not do any high energy activities or exercise.  Walking at a normal pace is completely fine however -  I walk quite a bit around the city, and I don't have any problems at all.  Also, I've found that today's custom corset and the Orchard Corset CS-201 Mesh Waspie are least obstructive and the most comfortable for mobility!

Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here for a new outfit post as always on Monday!

Corset :: Morua
Knicker Hot Pants :: Wheels & Dollbaby
Stockings :: What Katie Did
Shoes :: Flirty Lingerie
iPhone Case :: Ted Baker
Garter Belt :: Agent Provocateur

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Aquatic Rococo || Buckingham Fountain Art Deco + Pinup Girl Flamenco

IMG_5067 (1)

In continuing my staycation adventures, I wanted to visit Grant Park in South Loop.  It's an absolutely amazing place to walk among history and beautiful original architecture and monuments, and I really hadn't spent much time there before.  Buckingham Fountain was sadly not turned on while I was there, so I plan to go back for another photoshoot when it's filled with water.  It was still fun to marvel at it's design - modeled in Rococo style and inspired by the Latona Basin at Versailles, it was built in 1927!  It's also twice the size than it's French counterpart, and dazzles with a beautiful water show every hour when it is in operation.  What I also love is it's Chicago/Lake Michigan significance - it was also inspired by Lake Michigan conveying the enormity of the lake, with it's giant lower basin featuring four sets of Art Deco style sea horses representing the four states bordering Lake Michigan. Upon discovering this artistic aquatic reference, I realized that my outfit could not have paired more perfectly!  Wearing the Pinup Girl Clothing Flamenco Mermaid Skirt and seafoam green Voodoo Vixen Top, I felt just like a mermaid among the whimsical Late Baroque depiction of the lake.

IMG_5038 (1)
IMG_5187 (1)
IMG_5131 (1)
IMG_5103 (1)
IMG_5169 (1)
IMG_5010 IMG_5075 (1) IMG_5165 (1) IMG_5024IMG_5019 (1)IMG_5220 (1)
Top :: Voodoo Vixen via Pinup Girl Clothing 
Shoes :: Unique Vintage
Gloves :: Light in the Box

Monday, April 13, 2015

Movie Palace || {Staycation Day 1} in Pink Gingham


Good Morning!  It's great to be back after a week of staycationing with my mom in town in my favorite American city.  It's funny, I enjoy being on vacation in Chicago just as much as traveling somewhere new!  There is just so much to do here and it was great to finally take advantage of things I've always wanted to see.  Now I get to share it all with you, and Easter Sunday was one of my favorites.

We started this gorgeous sunny day at church, with Easter morning service and then a long walk along the water.  I love having spectacular city views so prominently strewn along the lakeshore with a blend of both nautical and metropolis settings.  I wanted to wear something very Spring to match the warm weather, but also sophisticated enough for indoor dining and exploring Chicago architecture.  The Voodoo Vixen peachy pink gingham Chelsea dress could not have been a more perfect choice... it was more than appropriate for all occasions throughout the day.  It is sexy yet elegant with it's high neck, cinched waist, and feminine gingham pattern.

After a long stroll by the water, we then explored the famous Chicago Marquis Theater... my favorite part of the day!  An original "movie palace" and one of the first in the US, the $4 million Chicago Theater was built in 1921 in French Baroque style and modeled after Paris' Arc de Tromphe and Royal Chapel of Versailles.  The vertical sign "Chicago" of 6 stories high, is one of the few signs still in existence today, and the marquee began with announcements of some of the first silent films ever to reach the big screen.  As I recently shared the marquee sign with you in this post, I'm excited to take you inside the Chicago Theater today to experience it's glamorous grandeur and rich history combined with a day in the Spring sun!


Off to the Chicago Theater...

IMG_47w83 (1)
Dress :: Voodoo Vixen
Earrings :: Oasap
Shoes :: Similar